Did Amber Rudd REALLY Say Companies Should List Foreign Workers?

This was the week of the Conservative party conference. And one topic dominated our conversations and our timelines.

It was reported that Home Secretary Amber Rudd wants to shame companies out of employing foreigners. She wants firms to report the number of international workers.

The backlash on social media has been huge – petitions have been set up, links have been exchanged, outraged voices have updated their status. But did Rudd actually say it?

The Echo Chamber Club has spent the past few days scouring the internet for proof. It’s a lot harder to prove someone didn’t do something rather than they did, but we can’t find any evidence. Take a look and find out what you think…

The Reaction

Firms must list foreign workers

“Under the proposals, to be included in a consultation paper, businesses would have to “be clear about the proportion of their workforce which is international”. It is understood that this would apply to non-EU workers initially but could be extended to all non- British workers after Brexit.”

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James O’Brien Compares Amber Rudd’s Speech To Hitler’s Words

“Under new rules, firms will have to “be clear about the proportion of their workforce which is international”.”

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The Speech Transcript

The IB Times provides a transcript of the speech. At the top of the page a video automatically plays. This states: “Amber Rudd proposed firms should reveal the number of foreign workers employed.”

Take a look at the link below to see if you can find that phrase, or the phrase “list foreign workers”, or the phrase “be clear about the proportion of their workforce which is international” in the actual speech.

We can’t.

Read more in IB Times

Does this matter?

Either you do believe there should be stricter controls on immigration, or you don’t. Given our audience, we know the vast majority of you are pro-immigration. So, what we have outlined above should worry you.

Instead of spending 100% of your time campaigning against something that wasn’t said, you could have spent 100% of your time focussing on the things that were.

Post-Fact World or a Never-Fact World?

More and more journalists and metropolitans are talking about the rise of a post-fact world. This is mainly aimed at the opposition. Statements that Trump makes about Obama’s place of birth, or Vote Leave made about the 350 million. Rarely do we examine our own statements and facts.

Surely it follows that if we are living in a post-fact world, then we are also devoid of facts? The example above demonstrates this is the case.

Or perhaps there have never been facts in the first place, in which case we are living in a ‘never-fact’ world.

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Alice Thwaite

Alice Thwaite is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Echo Chamber Club. Her twitter is @alicelthwaite. She reads as many independent blogs as she can find, and uses social media monitoring to identify common opinions that liberal metropolitans hold, or where they need a little extra information.