Alice Thwaite – An Introduction

Alice Thwaite – An Introduction


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The founder Alice Thwaite chats with her sister about why the Echo Chamber Club is launching a podcast in addition to their free weekly newsletter, and talks about what this is going to be about.

Why have you launched a podcast?

This podcast is all about strengthening what it means to be a centrist or a liberal or a progressive – because it seems that all these labels and terms don’t have concrete definitions anymore – and we want to talk about what the values could be of someone who identifies as a centrist liberal progressive. The idea being that if we can have a coherent message and narrative about being a moderate centrist, that is positive and exciting then we have the tools to fight political extremism.

How does this complement the Echo Chamber Club newsletter?

In my mind, one of the worst consequences of an echo-chamber is the impossibility of being able to argue why your own ideas are the best ones. Your ideology becomes weakened as it is not used to being attacked.

This is why the newsletter exists – so we can understand the world in a different way and use this information to create a new politics. The newsletter’s only aim is that you see the world through the eyes of others. The podcast wants to talk exclusively about what a centrist politics looks like from a ‘values’ perspective

How do we sign up?

Go to iTunes here [Waiting Approval]

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