Call For Collaborators - Echo Chamber Club

I started this newsletter a couple of months ago to try and actively find articles that went against my point of view. I had a theory people were trapped in an Echo Chamber as they only had access to those who shared their own beliefs.

The response has been overwhelming. Given the majority of new ventures are supported by friends and family (and don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of support there), the majority of readers are people who I’ve never met. The club is being shared by all of you, and we’re growing at an encouraging rate!

As a result, I’ve decided to make this newsletter my full-time occupation instead of part-time. The website will be updated. We’ll start distributing information via Whatsapp. There will be a greater variety of contributors. We will put on events with interesting speakers.

The mission of The Echo Chamber is clear. We find the established and mainstream point of view and we challenge it. Sometimes what we send will make you think twice, and sometimes what we send may anger you. We want to help you empathise with other people, and see the world through the eyes of others.

We hope you continue to support us – forwarding on our newsletters, talking about us with your friends, and sharing our message on social media.

Please contact me at any time – I can be reached via or I would like to hear from everyone and anyone.

What is The Echo Chamber?

The Echo Chamber sends a weekly newsletter with views that are not discussed on metropolitan social media feeds. We take on a different topic every week and send to our hundreds of subscribers. We don’t send any spam. Sign up today!

The Echo Chamber Club

The Echo Chamber Club sends a weekly newsletter with views that counter the traditional metropolitan view. A different topic is discussed every week in science, medicine, conflict, politics, philosophy or ethics. We don’t send any spam. Sign up and join hundreds of metropolitans today!